Home Depot Gift Card Presenter



(x1)1”x6”x3ft walnut

(x1) Succulent plant

Polycrylic spray can

Wood Glue (Tite Bond III)

Paint (orange)


Miter saw

Table Saw

Wood Clamps



Forstner cutting bits

Paint brush

Wood Clamps


Cut the 1x6x3ft board up into 5” long pieces. You should be able to get 4 pieces out of it.


Glue up all the pieces and stack them together. The key to a good glue-up is spreading the glue to cover the entire piece of wood. Use a silicone brush or an old plastic card credit card that doesn’t work anymore and use it to spread the glue.


Once the wood pieces are stacked, apply 4 clamps over the stack of wood. When tightening the clamps, it is important to not over tighten them. Tighten them just enough for a steady bead of glue to come out of the seams.


Once the wood glue dries over night, sand your project with 60-80 grit sand paper, cleaning up all the glue, as well as squaring up your project.


Sliding miter saw or table saw create a 4” long slot across your project that will hold your gift card. the dept should be about 3/4 the dept of your card.


Use your miter saw to make random 30 degree cuts. Have fun with it. Let you creativity shine.


Using your 2” Forstner cutter with drill/ drill press, cut a hole that goes 3/4 down your project. Leave enough room for soil and roots.


Paint on any kind of accent paint you like. I went with 4-5 coats of latex paint. remember, the wood absorbs the paint if you do not use primer, so the more layers the better.

Sand your project with 120 grit and then 220 grit to give it a nice smooth feel. I like to use the 220 grit sand paper to clean up the edges of the wood and paint to create good clean sharp lines.

Take one of the Three roots to plant into your new planter. remember to give the base pleanty of soil to work with.

Wholah! Ready for gift giving!

Home Depot has an amazing selection of theme gift cards that are sure to please for any occasion, as well as completely reloadable!

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